To support the transition, health and wellbeing of all veterans and their families so that they feel valued and can attain stability in life after service.


Note: The APPVA definition of veteran includes ADF veterans, first responders who have deployed on peacekeeping operations or were formerly ADF, and any civilian who has deployed on peacekeeping or peacemaking operations such as DFAT members, the Australian Electoral Commission and civilian peace monitors.



Current Primary Focus

Our current primary focus is working with DVA senior public servants to improve the way DVA operates with our community, and our community with DVA.  This is imporoving due to support from the highest levels in DVA.

We are concurrently providing advice to the DVA General Counsel in relation to establishing governance within advocacy.

Our next 12-week sprint will be to partner with an external provider to define a system that enables Ex-Service Organisations to evaluate their governance abilities and pinpoint areas of improvement.

Our Point of Difference

We believe that the veteran community deserves a unified voice to bring about positive change because the ways of the past are now irrelevant.

We provide all members of the veteran and veteran family community with a single trusted source of truth.  We take your concerns, unfiltered, to the Commonwealth, and we represent you.

Our unwavering commitment is to ensure that no veteran or their family feels underrepresented or isolated.


We support the needs of all veterans and veteran family members, not only peacekeepers, but all veterans.

If for any reason you need well-being, advocacy or compensation assistance, we work within a national network of advocates which gives us more coverage and flexibility to assist you and the entry point is the Australian Veteran Health Services. 




Join Australia's fastest growing network for veterans, their families, and supporters.

Drive transformative change to support the veteran and veteran family community.

Collaborate with modern leaders from the veteran and veteran family community who are actively working to improve conditions.

Membership open to all Veterans, veteran family members and all Australians







Breaking News


National Register of Veteran and Veteran Family Issues

The Veteran Sentiment Index (VSI) is a valuable tool that captures the collective sentiment of veterans and their families regarding their relationship with DVA. 

By regularly collecting and analyzing this data, we can track changes in sentiment over time, identify trends, and make informed decisions to better serve the veteran community. The ultimate goal is to use this feedback to improve and enhance the services we provide, ensuring we meet the needs and expectations of the veterans and their families.


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National Register of Advocate Issues

The national register of wellbeing support officers' and advocates' issues are raised by all affiliate organisations we work with. We pass the issues on to advocate regional managers and then work with DVA to follow their progress until they are resolved.

It is important that these issues are transparent because that promotes accountability and visibility across the veteran and veteran family community.

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