Join us for a Day of Commemoration and Unity in Canberra on Australian Peacekeeper Day Saturday 14 September 2024!

On this day we recall those who have served in war and peacekeeping missions, and those who did not return to receive the grateful thanks of the nation. We embrace the spirit of Peacekeeper Week by commemorating the 25th Anniversary of Australian Service in Timor-Leste. Next to that we pay homage to the unwavering dedication of peacekeepers and peacemakers who served in uniform or as civilians; this is your day.

It will be a relaxed and engaging day and we aim to have 700 peacekeepers, peacemakers, and their families at the event. Commencing with a short march on Anzac Parade at 11am to the Australian Peacekeeping and after the conclusion of the service we'll convene at a scenic BBQ/picnic spot next to Lake Burley Griffin.

Here, stories will flow, friendships rekindled, and camaraderie reignited as we share common experiences and celebrate our shared commitment to global peace and security. It's a day for reminiscing, connecting, and embracing the bonds that tie us together, regardless of where our service took us.

Whether you served in a United Nations Operation or contributed to non-UN missions like the Multinational Force and Observers, Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI), Peace Monitoring Group (PMG) in Bougainville and others, this day is yours to cherish. Let's make this day a vibrant tapestry of memories and gratitude for our collective efforts in shaping a more peaceful world.

Other services are planned across the country and details will soon flow through on those and we also have the remained of the week in Canberra that concludes with a televised national day of commemoration for the 25th Anniversary of Australian Service in Timor-Leste on Friday 20 September 2024.

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