National Register of Veteran Issues

Welcome to this page dedicated to the concerns and contributions of veterans, their families, and the organisations that support them. We invite you to share any major issues you believe need resolution, improvement, or development. Our goal is to create a platform where your voices can be heard.

Together, let's work towards making a positive difference for our veterans and their support networks and we are pleased to say that DVA is working with us on this activity.

Use this secure online form to record your issue. It has the capability to submit anonymously.

Minutes of Meetings

The Next Meeting

The April meeting has been postponed until Thu 23 May 24 because of the volumes of activity occuring in April. Midday and 130pm. Register here to attend.

The Results to Date

We will be using the Oasis Townsville Veteran Community Needs model to indicate where the issues we are recording are concering us most. The Oasis Model at Diagram 1 is shown below and it has two more segmants than the AIHW/DVA Model. Our model is not quite as neat yet, however the indicators are there that we can see where we are hurting. See Diagram 2.

Diagram 1 - OASIS Townsville Model

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