ACT Representative – Ian Lindgren

My name is Ian Lindgren and I served in the Army between 1981 and 2002. My peacekeeping service was as the Chief Information Officer at the Multinational Force and Observers headquartered in Rome Italy. I spent two weeks a month in Rome and the other two weeks in Israel, the Sinai and Egypt (the Sinai is Egypt but it is importan to localise this strategic land bridge). I served in RAE and RASigs and have made Canberra home since 1994.

I am the current Chairperson on the Association, and my purpose is to do all I can to ensure veterans and their families do not go through the same traumatic experience as mine did after I was injured.

A lot of my work is creating lasting and valuable relationoships at DVA, and lobbying at Parliament House. I work very closely with Ms Pat McCabe OAM, the National President of the Federation of Totally and Permanently Incapacitated Ex Servicemen and Women Ltd. My objectives are to have an end state where:

  • all DVA public servants have the same culture as the Secretary DVA, the Deputy Secretaries and the Commisioners being the Repatriation Commissioner and Veteran Family Advocate Commissioner and the veteran perspective is one where we are treated as equals and consulted in our own future,
  • a decision cycle that considers veteran suicidal ideation as the first thought before actions are taken, and where claims are managed in real time through telephone/video coordination with the delegate, the advocate, the veteran and medical professionals; one that does not include sending an email and waiting for a responce, but proactively gaining the full picture rapidly so that any claim can be closed within three two months, and
  • where veterans and their families can trust DVA.

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