This Forum is the first of regular monthly meetings will provide a platform for open dialogue, where every voice holds significance. Our commitment to transparency and progress means that we will track each issue raised and provide regular public updates on our website in a way that is shareable.

This is your opportunity to make a meaningful impact and have your concerns acknowledged and resolved.

Sorry Registration to attend January is Full. We will have more opportunities next month as we improve this process. You still can submit issues.


Our objective is to create an environment where administrative challenges are not only identified but actively addressed, ensuring that no concern goes unnoticed or unresolved.

In order to achieve this greater good, it is crucial that we collaborate and leverage our collective strengths. Concurrently we must do all we can to remove potential triggers for veteran suicidal ideation. Additionally, we urge the Commonwealth to fulfill their responsibility in simple yet essential areas, such as timely payment to service providers to ensure that veteran cards are readily accepted within the medical community, among other important issues yet to be identified.

This forum will be conducted in partnership with the leadership of DVA. Change is already in motion, and DVA public servants who have previously hindered progress are now transitioning out. While this may be difficult for some to fully grasp, we are committed to speaking candidly and acknowledging the reality of the situation. Change is indeed happening, and we are steadfast in our resolve as is the DVA leadership. Please take a moment to register below.0

Coordination Details

The forum will be co-chaired by Sandi Laaksonen-Sherrin, former Defence Family Advocate of Australia, and Ian Lindgren, Chairperson Australian Peacekeeper and Peacemaker Veterans' Association.

The Repatriation Commissioner, Kahlil Fegan DSC AM, will also provide insight into a pressing concern with potential negative repercussions that we must proactively address. It is crucial that we stay ahead of this issue to mitigate any adverse impact it may have. Other DVA attendees will be, Deputy Secretary Alison McLaren, and Deputy Secretary Teena Blewitt PSM, as well as acting Assistant Secretary Simon Geraghty.

Questions? Please direct them to Ian Lindgren. Email: and Mobile: 0414 245 254.

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