Our objective is to create an environment where our issues are openly publicised, prioritised and solved with DVA. Issues cannot be buried, or filtered by any organisation because the activity is totally transparent.

It is crucial to proactively address potential triggers for suicidal ideation among veterans. Furthermore, we call upon the Commonwealth to fulfill its responsibility by facilitating collaborative problem-solving, with all stakeholders treated as equals.

Coordination Details

The forum will be co-chaired by a recently formed veteran organisation, and Ian Lindgren, Chairperson Australian Peacekeeper and Peacemaker Veterans' Association.

Minutes from the Previous Meeting

Click here to read the Minutes of the Register of Veteran Issues Meeting 21 March 24

Draft Agenda

  • Outcomes from the 9 April 24 DVA Open Forum on Veteran and Family Hubs
  • The New Draft Legislation
  • Medicinal Cannabis
  • Issues raised as Other Business

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No Dickhead Policy

We will apply a No Dickhead Policy. If you can't control yourself, speak out of turn continually and are rude then you will be out. One warning only and no exceptions.


Questions? Please direct them to Ian Lindgren. Email: ian.lindgren@peacekeepers.asn.au and Mobile: 0414 245 254.

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