We will exercise inspirational leadership with like minded veterans and their families, and forge a new path for the veteran community. A path where all are equal stakeholders in their future

Ian Lindgren, Chairperson

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Our Purpose

To support the transition, health and wellbeing of all veterans and their families so that they feel valued and can atain stability in life after service.

Note: Our definition of veteran includes ADF veterans, first responders who have deployed on peacekeeping operations or were formerly ADF, and any civilian who has deployed on peacekeeping or peacemaking operations such as DFAT members, the Australian Electoral Commission and civilian peace monitors.

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Our Core Values


To engage with like minded veterans and veteran community organistions because together we can pool our resources and give a greater representation of veterans to the Commonwealth.


To connect all stakeholders through services that are purpose built to give professional representation to all who do not feel they have a voice locally or nationally, and to disseminate issues and information.


To respect the contributions made by participants in modern operations and demonstrate this by appointing younger veterans to representational positions and giving them ownership.

Our Point of Difference

Our foundation lies in the core leadership values that define our culture. We will lead a path were others don't have the courage to do so. We invite all members of the veteran and veteran family community, and all those who support our wellbeing, to unite with us, speaking as one voice for the betterment of our community.

By bringing your concerns unfiltered to the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) and the Commonwealth, we ensure that your voice is heard and acted upon.

Under the leadership of the new Secretary DVA, Alison Frame, and her executive team, there is an overwhelming commitment to consult with the veteran community and other stakeholders. Gone are the days of "talking at" the veteran community; we are now equal partners shaping the way forward. There is a new era of collaboration and we are dedicated to restoring trust and confidence within our community.

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Veteran and Veteran Family Issues Forums

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Together, let's work towards making a positive difference for veterans, our families, and our support networks.

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Our National Network

We are one element of a national network, with each component having its subject matter expertise.

This allows each of us to support each other and provide optimised services to veterans and their families as well as the wider veteran support network. We have preferred medical partners who react rapidly to a need and must meet a minimum standard.

We welcome all veteran organisations to work with us and in return we ask that everyone demonstrate a defined standard of governance. We are very happy to assist you achieving that level for your own benefit, but mostly for the benefit of the veteran and veteran family community.

We maintain a national network of likeminded ex-service organisations. Click here.

We maintain an established national medical support network. Click here.

We are establishing a national padre network.

All are focused on delivering rapid, quality and trusted service to our community and have agreed to provide rapid support when coordinated through our network.

Do you need support?

We support the needs of all veterans and veteran family members, not only peacekeepers, but all veterans.

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Do you need support?

We support the needs of all veterans and veteran family members, not only peacekeepers, but all veterans.

If for any reason you need well-being, advocacy or compensation assistance, we work within a national network of advocates which gives us more coverage and flexibility to assist you and the entry point is the Australian Veteran Health Services.

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