UNAMET Book Release – Scorched Earth

Peter is a former member of the AFP who has served close to 28 years in Australia and overseas in AFP Capacity Building Programs in the Pacific and UN missions in Cyprus and Timor-Leste including service as a UN SAT Trainer in the Middle East and Africa.

The book covers the period of my tour of duty serving as a UN Police Peacekeeper in the regional town of Gleno, Ermera and the UN Dili HQ Compound in the last days prior to the UNAMET mission’s relocation to Darwin in September 1999. 


Possible article slants include the emotional side of police peacekeeping including links to PTSD; raising awareness of the crucial and challenging role of police officers as peacekeepers; and the pending 20th anniversary of the bloodied referendum in Timor that led to the nation’s independence.

The author, my wife, is a former AFP member. The AFP has approved the manuscript. Pre-orders are available through a number of lead bookshops including Dymocks and QBD. 

Alternatively, please see www.tammypemper.com for links to each online bookshop plus an excerpt and testimonials.

The book will be released as a paperback and eBook.

We are also developing links with organisations related to mental health.

The website also provides information on where the proceeds of the book are directed. This includes an orphanage and student scholarships.