National Youth Week

From 16 to 24 April, DVA will be focusing on young people in the veteran community as part of National Youth Week.  This is also an opportunity for you to acknowledge National Youth Week in your community.

National Youth Week is a celebration of young people and their unique experiences and perspectives.  It promotes opportunities for them to share ideas, contribute to the community, and access support if needed.

Young people in the veteran community include veterans navigating civilian life as well as family members providing support to their veteran.  We appreciate their contributions and sacrifices, and we acknowledge the challenges they face.

Over the course of National Youth Week, DVA will be highlighting on Facebook and Twitter some of the programs, services, and support we provide to young veterans, their families and children.  These include:

During National Youth Week, we encourage you to promote your activities that support young people in the veteran community.


ESORT Secretariat