Marking the 25th anniversary of the massacre

From Austin Macauley Publishers;

Quote: ‘…we can confidently state that your work was found to be a powerful and affecting epic poem, with clear nods to classical long form poetry. The Board commended the ambition of your storytelling and the accessibility of your writing.’


 The Kibeho Massacre. Many historical accounts of the massacre exist, in this account the story is presented as a 430 verse poem. Of all the things the Australian contingent expected to face, no one could fathom that their worst nightmare may actually bear its putrid fruit, a foul nectar of toxicity. This is sheer insanity on a scale only diminished by the Rwandan Genocide twelve months earlier.

Paperback: 102 pages, $24.95

eBook: $13.95

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 ISBN 978-0-6487672-0-6 [paperback]

 ISBN 978-0-6487672-1-3 [eBook]