New Website

By Ian Lindgren
Category: APPVA

Update on our new website and membership management system.    See the new website at:

A few issues we weren't clear enough about when we wrote to all members. We have not collected subscriptions as a deliberate activity for over 18 months because we had issues with the system we introduced in 2021. Some people did pay through the new system on their own initiative, and we thank you. Likewise, as late as two weeks ago, some people paid by cheque. We have these payment records.

All we’ve moved into the new system is first name, last name, email and phone (safe, secure and working well). No addresses, no credit card numbers as it would have been dangerous to send them to another company and would possibly have breached privacy.

So that’s why we ask you to re-join. Your old password won’t work. Sorry, but with only three full-time people running the charity, and each of us working around 70 hours a week on it. There’s no time to get everything at 100%. 80% will do. When you do rejoin, please follow the instructions and join. Please don’t log on with your old password because the system won’t know you. If you get stuck, don’t get annoyed. Just call Mark Horner on 0431041181 or Ian before 5pm Mon-Fri and we'll get you on.


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