Please give this widest dissemination.

The Viet Nam Veteran Family Study will hold a great deal of data for the development future of Younger Veteran Families. If you know of anyone who served in SVN, or of any National Servicemen who served but did not deploy, please pass this onto them. Their registration, along with their families will help future generations.


Paul Copeland,
National President,

Vietnam Veteransí Family Study Flyer pdf document

Minister for Veteransí Affairs
The Hon. Alan Griffin MP

Dear Sir,

I am writing to update you on aspects of the Vietnam Veteransí Family Study, and to seek your support in recruiting participants to the Family Study. Your organisationís support could be crucial to the success of the Family Study.

The Vietnam Veteransí Family Study will help us obtain a better understanding of the impact of war service on the health and wellbeing of the families of veterans. What is learnt from the Family Study will benefit future generations of service families and provide my Department with the opportunity to build on programs currently offered to veterans and their families.

In May this year I announced that recruitment for the Family Study had commenced. The main focus of the Family Study is the two randomly selected study groups: Vietnam veterans and their families; and as a comparison group Vietnam-era Army personnel who didnít serve in Vietnam, and their families. These two groups provide a comparison where the main difference is service in Vietnam. This random sample is necessary for the scientific validity of the Family Study.

We have written to around 10,000 of each group inviting them to participate in the Family Study, and provided them a registration kit. The recruitment of family members to the Family Study is essential to its success, however, privacy restraints restrict us from contacting family members directly. We rely on invited veterans passing information about the study to their family so each registration kit includes additional registration forms for veterans to pass on.

For the Family Study to proceed as planned, we need to meet our recruitment targets of:

3000 Vietnam veterans and 1800 of their children;
3000 Vietnam war era Army personnel who werenít deployed to Vietnam; and

1800 of their children.

This is where your organisation can help. I would appreciate it if you would talk about the Family Study with your members. We also need to get the attention of individuals who may not be members of your organisation (family members of Vietnam veterans and Army personnel who werenít deployed). Therefore, I ask that you keep our Study in mind and look for opportunities to refer to it in your dealings with local community newspapers and radio. In doing so, we may be able to reach these important groups.

Your newsletter will also help get the message to the families of the invited veterans. I have attached a short article which you might like to include in the next edition of your organisationís newsletter. An electronic copy of this is available via the Family Study website at on-line News article.

The support of your organisation is crucial in securing enough participants for the Family Study to proceed as planned. I appreciate your assistance in spreading the word about the Vietnam Veteransí Family Study. Its findings will benefit your members and service families of the future.

If you would like more information about the study please contact 1800 502 302 or go to on-line News article.

Yours sincerely,

Alan Griffin
December 2008