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My name is Kate Macfarlane and I am working with Professor John Braithwaite at the Australian National University on a project called 'Peacebuilding Compared'. The twenty year project is a comparative study of building peace across many countries, focusing on the important contribution and limitations of peacekeeping operations in building sustainable peace.

We are interviewing peacekeepers about their roles in peacekeeping operations to understand their 'on the ground' perspective of the peacebuilding process - these operations include Cambodia, West Sahara, Mozambique, East Timor, Solomon Islands, and Rwanda to name a few.

We are currently interviewing Cambodian veterans, which will be the focus of the project for the next year, but we are very interested in hearing from peacekeepers who have been involved in other operations.

Peacebuilding Compared Information Sheet-1.pdf

Our website,, provides further information about the project.

Ms Kate Macfarlane
Project Officer
Regulatory institutions Network (REGNET)
RSPAS, College of Asia & the Pacific
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p: +61 2 61251511