My Dad, the ex-Soldier

Jassie M Copeland 11 y.o.

You know I am always here,
always ready to lend an ear,
I will help you through your troubles and always stand by you,
I love you always and shall never leave you,
I know what you have suffered and been through,
so I shall try my best,
to always understand you,
I know what ANZAC day means,
all the hardship, mateship,
Aussie spirit that our diggers go through day by day,
I know you wish you could go back there daddy,
and I will understand, but I will NEVER let you go again,
I hope you understand,
I know you sleep from time to time and sometimes miss important dates,
but the only thing I care about is that you are ok,
I know the stress that you go through,
and will always cuddle you,
I know you wish you could do a lot more things,
but I understand and love you,
for just you, I LOVE YOU!