The letter below was sent to the National President


My name is Andrew Lund. We have met previously at the Torquay RSL and I am a member of the APPVA. I am writing this letter to express my immense gratitude to the APPVA, especially Mick Quinn. Having been discharged from the Army with PTSD I was at an utter loss as to my entitlements, let alone how to go about obtaining them. I had been sent around in circles by the various organisations that were supposed to be helping me for what seemed like an eternity. I was ready to give up, feeling totally let down and isolated by the system. It was at about this time Danny Blomley told me about the APPVA and how they could help. To say I was cynical would be an understatement. How happy I am now that I did take the time to make that phonecall though.

Mick drove from Melbourne to meet with me so that I wasn't out of my comfort zone and immediately put me at ease with his personable nature and professional manner and understanding. Mick answered all my questions openly and explained to me what I was required to do to obtain my entitlements. Although this meant that I pretty much had to start from scratch, at last I felt I had someone on my side who knew the legislation intimately and how to make it work for someone like myself. I continuously recieved phone calls of support and updates from Mick. Eventhough I was unmotivated, it was Mick's phone calls that kept me going. I felt like he was really in there fighting for me, and I will be forever grateful.

My pensions and lumpsum payouts were finalised and after what I know was a long battle for Mick, last week I received my Gold Card with TPI. I feel that a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and that now I can try to move on with life. Words can't express the gratitude I feel. As yet I have been unable to contact Mick and tell him the news. Hopefully he is on a holiday. I know it's not much in the scheme of things but I felt I needed to at least write to thankyou for everything that has been done. I would also like to thank the APPVA on behalf of my wife Janene and our kids, who know that it was you that helped me keep going.

Once again....Thanks. And're a legend, you always treated me with respect and acheived everything I could have hoped for.


Andrew Lund