Proud of you Boys

Jim Stow

The Sailors, the RAAFies,
The Soldiers 'n' all,
Once answered our country
When they gave us a call.

We're proud of our boys,
The Pollies would say,
But we don't want their thanks
In our fortnightly pay.

They wanted their soldiers,
So we went and we tried,
Now look at what they do,
If they hadn't quite died.

Their benefits are protected,
Yet they won't change their stance,
Whilst you and me,
Lose the seat of our pants.

Put down your pen
and pick up a gun,
Get off your arse,
and see what you've done,

Go days without sleep
and lay in the dirt,
Careful you don't crease
that nice tie and shirt.

Let's rattle your nerves
And scatter your brain,
Then we'll watch your life
Go down the drain.

We don't ask a lot,
Please be fair and be just.
'Cos what you have done
Has eroded our trust.

These conflicts you enter,
Then call for our help,
Well next time it happens
Try doin' it yourself !!!