Thank You

Author Anon

For all the veterans out there,
And those remembered everywhere,
A thanks should go out from us all.
And forever you should all walk tall.

It is with great and deep regret,
We need to cry tears so wet,
For our sons, Fathers, Grandfathers,
Men whom you loved more than brothers.

Men you shared moments so personal, so
Dark and grim. That we at home can never know.
Yet you had good memories of smiles and laughter,
Something to carry with you ever after.

We thank-you for your bravery, strength and courage!
For stories to remember you by we will forage.
So that you, your brothers, your mates,
Those that fell during or after war,
Shall be remembered now and forever more!

May we thirst for knowledge of your tour,
Of peace keeping mission or of war.
That we can try to understand,
The demons you carry or the shaking of your hand.

We can never hope to understand,
Losing a mate in a foreign land,
Living in fear in another nation,
Hiding in the forest in rotten vegetation.

The camaraderie that is,
Bought upon you by this,
This living through all this strife,
While guarding one anothers life.

Most of us have no idea,
The troubles that you have to bear,
Or the memories of a terrible war.
With which such young eyes you saw.
From us all! For fighting your terrible war.