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Australia: 3 October 1962 to 30 April 1963.

Strength: 11 personnel (total). Detachment from 16 Army Light Aircraft Squadron, consisting of four Army pilots, seven RAAF ground crew and two Sioux helicopters.

Area of Operations (AO): West New Guinea

Purpose: In early 1962 Indonesian forces landed in the disputed territory of West New Guinea, which was then under Dutch control. Following the cessation of hostilities between Indonesia and the Netherlands, UNTEA was established in October 1962 to supervise the transfer of West New Guinea from Dutch to Indonesian administration. Established in October 1962 to maintain peace and security in the territory under the United Nations Temporary Executive Authority established by agreement between Indonesia and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. UNSF monitored the cease-fire and helped ensure law and order during the transition period, pending transfer to Indonesia. Upon completion of the mandate, the Mission was withdrawn in April 1963.

Comments: Australia's Helicopter team joined UNTEA to assist with the conduct of a cholera eradication program. The detachment was withdrawn near the end of the program after one of the helicopters crashed. There is however, no record from the UN of Australia joining the UNTEA team.

Veteran Entitlement Act (VEA): Schedule 3; 3 October 1962 to 30 April 1963.

Service Type: Non-warlike.

Awards & Qualifying Periods:
ASM 1945 - 1975 UNTEA Medal
ASM 45-75 UNTEA Medal