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Australia: 11 July 1958 to 9 December 1958.

Strength: Unknown.

Area of Operations (AO): Lebanese border adjacent to Syria.

Purpose: To ensure that there was no illegal infiltration of personnel or supply of arms or other materiel across the Lebanese borders. After the conflict had been settled, tensions eased and UNOGIL was withdrawn.

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Comments: Australian members of UNTSO were seconded to UNOGIL and were unarmed.

Veteran Entitlement Act (VEA): Schedule 3; 11 July 1958 to 9 December 1958.

Service Type: Non-warlike.

Gazette: S102 of 27 Mar 01

Awards & Qualifying Periods:
ASM 1945 - 1975 UNTSO Medal
ASM 45-75 UNTSO Medal