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Australian Deployment Dates: 13 August 1948 to 1985.

Strength: Approx 280 ADF personnel including, 96 RAAF personnel with the UNMOGIP Air Unit with an RAAF DHC-4 Caribou (1975 - 79) provided from 38 Squadron.

Area of Operations (AO): India, Pakistan and Kashmir.

Purpose: To supervise the first ceasefire between India and Pakistan in Kashmir, and has remained in place ever since, as Kashmir remains 'territory in dispute' under international law. Australia provided 6 man Observer teams serving one or two year tours of duty. During the Vietnam War, Army reservists were used to man the contingent, as the army's resources were stretched fighting in the Vietnam War.

Comments: Of note, the first and longest serving commander of UNMOGIP was Australian Major General (later Lieutenant General), R.H. Nimmo CBE, who was appointed the Chief Military Observer (CMO) UNMOGIP in October 1950, and he remained in command until his death on 4 January 1966. His 15 year command is a UN record and one unlikely to ever be broken.

In March 1975 to January 1979, an RAAF DHC-4 Caribou from the 38th Squadron, comprising 12 men, conducted operations in support of UNMOGIP on 6-month rotations.

In 1985 the contingent was withdrawn because the government considered Australia was overcommitted to the UN at that time.

Died: (1) LTGEN R.H. Nimmo, CBE CMO (Heart Attack).

Veteran Entitlement Act (VEA): Schedule 3; 13 August 1948 to 1985.

Service Type: Non-warlike.

Awards & Qualifying Periods:
ASM 1945 - 1975 ASM 1975 to Present UNMOGIP Medal
ASM 45 - 75 ASM 75 +  UNMOGIP Medal