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Australia: 12 August 1988 to 28 February 1991.

Strength: 60.

Area of Operations (AO): Iran.

Purpose: In early August 1988 the UN established UNIIMOG to supervise the ceasefire between Iran and Iraq at the end of their eight year long war, known as the First Gulf War. Australia's involvement began with the temporary secondment of an observer from UNTSO, followed by a fifteen-man contingent from Australia four days later on 16 August. All the Australians served on the Iranian side of the ceasefire line because Iraq vetoed an Australian presence in Iraqi held territory. This was due to the fact that an Australian government scientist, Dr Peter Dunn, was a member of the UN team that had proved Iraqi use of chemical weapons during three inspections in the 1984-87 period.

Comments: UNIIMOG service was particularly arduous due to a combination of a volatile ceasefire, climatic extremes, harsh terrain, primitive operational conditions, and the stress and social deprivation experienced by Westerners in a fundamentalist Islamic society.

The Australian contingent were unarmed United Nations Military Observers (UNMO).

Veteran Entitlement Act (VEA) : Schedule 3; 11 August 1988 to 28 February 1991.

Service Type: Non-warlike.

Awards & Qualifying Periods:
ASM 1988

ASM with Clasp