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Australia: 25 October 1973 to 31 July 1979.

Strength: Total Strength 280 personnel. Consisting of 46-man Detachment from 5 Squadron RAAF, operating four UH-1H Iroquois helicopters on six month tours plus an Army staff officer and a Warrant Officer on a twelve-month tour to HQ UNEF.

Area of Operations (AO): Israel and Egypt.

Purpose: Established in October 1973 to supervise the cease-fire between Egyptian and Israeli forces and, following the conclusion of the agreements of 18 January 1974 and 4 September 1975, to supervise the redeployment of Egyptian and Israeli forces and to control the buffer zones established under those agreements. The mandate for this Mission expired in July 1979 and the troops were withdrawn in Aug 1979.

Comments : Nil.

Veteran Entitlement Act (VEA) : Schedule 3; 25 October 1973 to 31 July 1979.

Service Type: Non-warlike.

Awards & Qualifying Periods:
ASM 1945 - 1975 ASM 1975 to Present UNEF II Medal
ASM 45-75 ASM 75 +  UNEF II Medal