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Australia: 3 June 1974 to present.

Strength: Unknown. Quoted by the ADF as "a few".

Area of Operations (AO): Syria (including the Golan Heights) Amman - Jordan, Beirut Lebanon, Cairo & Ismalia Arab Republic of Egypt (ARE), Gaza, Damascus, Tiberius Israel, Naquoura, Nahariya, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Purpose: To supervise the cease-fire between Israel and Syria; to supervise the redeployment of Syrian and Israeli forces; and to establish a buffer zone, as provided in the Agreement on Disengagement between Israeli and Syrian Forces of May 1974.

The force initially deployed consisted of a headquarters, two Infantry Battalions, two logistic companies and a group of 90 military observers assigned to UNDOF from UNTSO. It was believed to be the first time that a UN force comprising armed troops and unarmed officer observers had been raised. They performed the following tasks: man observation positions in battalion areas; carry out the inspections of the Limited Forces Areas (LFAs) as provided for in the agreement; conduct investigations; carry out routine or special patrols; and serve in staff positions.

Comments: All Australian officers were unarmed and detached from the UNTSO mission.

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Veteran Entitlement Act (VEA) : Schedule 3; 3 Jun 1974 onward.

Service Type: Non-warlike.

Awards & Qualifying Periods:

ASM 1945 - 1975 ASM 1975 to Present UNTSO Medal
ASM 45-75 ASM 75 + UNTSO Medal