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Operation PLES DRAI

Australia: September 1997 May 1998

Area of Operations: Papua New Guinea and West Irian (Indonesia).

Deployed: Approx 200 RAAF and Army personnel

This was a combined ADF / PNGDF operation to support drought relief operations in PNG following disastrous droughts. Australia contributed a Logistical force (including helicopters) to provide food, water and medical relief to thousands of people in PNG and West Irian.

Awards: Ineligible.
Note: The Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal (HOSM) is a non-Defence award that is awarded to members of recognised charitable or humanitarian groups who provide humanitarian service in designated areas of the world. The HOSM is administered by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C). Previous decisions on natural disaster operations, such as those in Papua New Guinea with Operations PLES DRAI and SHADDOCK, leave service on those operations ineligible.