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Operation PALATE & Operation PALATE II

Australia: Op PALATE: 18 Apr 2003 - 5 Jul 2004 ; Op PALATE II: 26 Jun 2005 - ongoing

Area of Operations: Afghanistan, including Afghanistan’s land territory, internal waters and superjacent airspace.

Background: ISAF was created in accordance with the Bonn Conference in December 2001. Afghan opposition leaders attending the conference began the process of reconstructing their country by setting up a new government structure, namely the Afghan Transitional Authority. The concept of a UN-mandated international force to assist the newly established Afghan Transitional Authority was also launched at this occasion to create a secure environment in and around Kabul and support the reconstruction of Afghanistan. These agreements paved the way for the creation of a three-way partnership between the Afghan Transitional Authority, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) and ISAF. On 11 August 2003 NATO assumed leadership of the ISAF operation. Australia's military contribution to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan was deployed under Op SLIPPER.

Australia: Op PALATE was, and Op PALATE II is now the ADF contribution to the United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan (UNAMA) as part of Australia’s commitment to the International Coalition Against Terror (ICAT) along with Op Slipper. UNAMA is a political mission which was established on 28 March 2002 by UN Security Council Resolution 1401 to promote reconciliation and rapprochement, and manage humanitarian relief, recovery, and reconstruction in Afghanistan.

Deployed: Up to two Australian Army Officers served as military advisers within the UNAMA Military Adviser Unit under Op PALATE. In March 2014 the Security Council unanimously adopted resolution 2145 (2014), renewing UNAMA’s mandate and set out the scope and range of activities it must undertake as Afghanistan continues its political and security transition. Five Australian Defence Force Officers are now serving within the UNAMA Military Adviser Unit, currently based out of Kabul and Jalalabad, their duties include liaising with all military forces throughout Afghanistan on behalf of UNAMA. Further information on UNAMA can be found here: weblink

Operation PALATE Veterans’ Entitlements Determination dated 31 October 2005: Warlike Service.

Operation PALATE II Veterans’ Entitlements Determination dated 8 December 2005: Warlike Service.

Awards: Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) with Clasp 'ICAT' ; Afghanistan Medal (Afghanistan-Medal-Instrument-2015.pdf).

AASM 1988 Afghanistan Medal
AASM with Clasp
Afghanistan Medal