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Operation HUSKY

Australia: 15 January 2001 - 28 February 2003

AO: Sierra Leone – Western Africa.

Background: On October 22, 1999, the UN Security Council authorised the establishment of UNAMSIL, a new and much larger mission than its' predecessor UNOMSIL, with a maximum of 6000 military personnel, including 260 military observers, to assist the Government and the parties in carrying out provisions of the Lome peace agreement. On February 7, 2000, the Security Council decided to revise the mandate of UNAMSIL. It decided to expand the military component to a maximum of 11,100 military personnel, including the 260 military observers already deployed. The Council also authorised increases in the civil affairs, civilian police, administrative and technical components of UNAMSIL. The Security Council again increased the authorised strength of UNAMSIL, to 13,000 military personnel, including the 260 military observers by its resolution 1299 of May 19, 2000. On March 30, 2001, a further increase was authorised to 17,500 military personnel, including the 260 military observers.

In January 2001, Australia responded to a British request for advisers to assist the International Military Advisory Training Team mission in Sierra Leone (IMATT–SL) in its task of rebuilding the newly raised Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) in West Africa. Codenamed Operation Husky, the Australian commitment lasted for two years and consisted of an infantry captain and an infantry major deployed to act as a battalion and brigade adviser respectively. Each contingent deployed for a six-month tour of duty until the Australian mission concluded in 2003.

Deployed: 2 Army Officers. (Total: 17 ADF personnel)

Veterans’ Entitlements Determination dated 22 March 2007: Warlike Service.

Awards: Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) with Clasp 'SIERRA LEONE' ; UNAMSIL Medal (if served in the UN forces with UK forces).

AASM 1988