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Operation CORACLE

Australia: 12 July 1994 – 31 Mar 2002


The Mission was established by Security Council Resolution 782 of 13 October 1992 to monitor and verify the cease-fire, the separation and concentration of forces, their demobilization and the collection, storage and destruction of weapons; to monitor and verify the complete withdrawal of foreign forces; to monitor and verify the disbanding of private and irregular armed groups; to authorize security arrangements for vital infrastructures; to provide security for the United Nations and other international activities in support of the peace process, especially in the corridors; to provide technical assistance and monitor the entire electoral process; to coordinate and monitor all humanitarian assistance operations, in particular those related to refugees, internally displaced persons, demobilized military personnel and the affected local population and to facilitate the implementation of the general peace agreement for Mozambique. Upon completion of the task, the UN Mission was terminated in January 1995.

Australia’s role was to provide Engineer instructional support for the Demining program of ONUMOZ, teaching mine awareness, detection and destruction.

The Australian Contribution was withdrawn on January 2002 due to the change of the United Nations Mandate to a Non-Government Organisation (NGO).

Deployed: Engineer instructional support (2 Personnel). Estimated total 31

Veterans’ Entitlements Determination dated 19 July 2006 : Hazardous Service.

Awards: Australian Service Medal (ASM) with Clasp “MOZAMBIQUE” ; ONUMOZ medal.

ASM 1988