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Operation BLAZER

Australian Deployment Dates: 1 May 1991 to 30 June 1998.

Strength: Total contribution 96 personnel. Between 2 and 6 ADF personnel deployed on 3 – 6 month rotations.

Area of Operations (AO): Iraq.

Purpose: In April 1991 Resolution 687 imposed a peace agreement and disarmament provisions on Iraq and established a UN Special Commission. UNSCOM was tasked with locating and supervising the destruction of Iraqi nuclear, chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction capabilities.

Comments: Australia deployed between 2 and 6 ADF personnel and scientific experts to UNSCOM on three to six month tours. The Commission wound up operations in 1999, due to Iraqi accusations that the British and US used spying methods to detect the Iraqi Weapons of mass destruction. At the center of the controversy, was UNSCOM’s Commissioner – Australian Richard Butler.

Veteran Entitlement Act (VEA) : Schedule 3

Veterans’ Entitlements Determination dated 19 July 2006 : Hazardous Service on or after 2 July 1991.

Gazette: S64 of 28 Feb 02

Awards & Qualifying Periods:
  • Australian Service Medal (ASM) with Clasp 'IRAQ'. Alloted/ Assigned - 7 days, must have done a minimum of one site inspection.
  • United Nations Special Service Medal with Clasp 'UNSCOM'. Force assigned - 90 days.
    ASM 1988

    ASM with Clasp

    UN Special Service Medal