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Australia: 1 Aug 1960 to Feb 1961

Strength: One medical team of 3 personnel

Area of Operations (AO): The Congo.

Purpose: In mid-1960, the newly independent Republic of the Congo began to disintegrate as a viable state and the former colonial power, Belgium, intervened to protect the large number of its citizens remaining there. ONUC was established to assist the Congolese government restore law and order and to supervise the withdrawal of Belgian forces.

Comments: Australia's contribution was an Army medical team of three personnel, who were seconded to the International Red Cross though the Australian Red Cross and deployed to Bakwanga in the Congo to support ONUC's efforts at national rehabilitation. Team members returned to Australia in December 1960 and February 1961. This medical team is recorded as not being included as participating with the UN Force in the Congo at that time.

Veteran Entitlement Act (VEA): Schedule 3; 1 August 1960 ? (TBC).

Service Type: Non-warlike.

Gazette: Nil

Awards & Qualifying Periods: UNOC Medal. Force assigned - 3 months.

UNOC Medal
UNOC Medal