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Australia: 25 Jan 1997 - ongoing (Exchange posted personnel to UK & US forces).


Background: Following the adoption of the United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1244, General Jackson (European Command), acting on the instructions of the North Atlantic Council, made immediate preparations for the rapid deployment of the security force (Operation Joint Guardian), mandated by the United Nations Security Council.  The first elements entered Kosovo on 12 June 1999. As agreed in the Military Technical Agreement, the deployment of the security force - KFOR - was synchronized with the departure of Serb security forces from Kosovo. By 20 June 1999, the Serb withdrawal was complete and KFOR was well established in Kosovo.

At its full strength KFOR comprised some 50,000 personnel as a multinational force under unified command and control with substantial NATO participation. A system of multinational brigades was established with Britain as the lead nation in Multinational Brigade (Centre) (MNB (C)), encompassing Pristina and Podujevo. The British deployed two battalion battle groups, with battle groups from Finland, Norway and Sweden and a small element from the Czech Republic completing the brigade. The remainder of KFOR consisted of MNB(N), led by the French in Mitrovica; MNB (S), led by Germany from Prizren; MNB (E), headed by the USA in the enormous Camp Bondsteel in Urosevac; and MNB (W), under Italian command in Pec. In all, 19 NATO nations and 18 non-NATO countries contributed formed units to KFOR. Individuals from other countries have been occasionally attached to units of these troop-contributing nations, as has been the case for Australians attached to British units since 1999.

Deployed: The number of Australians deployed at any one time varied from one to four.

Veterans’ Entitlements Determination dated 24th August 1999: Non-warlike Service during any period from 15 April 1999 to 3 June 1999 (OPERATION ALLIED FORCE).
Veterans’ Entitlements Determination dated 24th August 1999: Non-warlike Service during any period on or after 11 June 1999 (OPERATION JOINT GUARDIAN).

Awards: Australian Service Medal (ASM) with Clasp 'BALKANS' ; NATO Medal with Clasp 'KOSOVO'.

ASM 1988

ASM 1975 - present NATO Medal