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Australia: 1990 - ongoing

Strength: thousands of ADF, Police and civilian personnel.

AO: Worldwide but including so far: Afghanistan, Balkans, Cambodia, Christchurch, East Timor, Great Lakes (Africa), Haiti, Iraq, Japan, Mozambique, Northern Iraq, Samoa, Somalia, South Sudan, South Vietnam, Indian Ocean, Pakistan, Pakistan II, Ukraine.

For each operation, participating organisations are determined to be eligible organisations for that operation. Defence has been an eligible organisation for Indian Ocean, Pakistan, Pakistan II, Japan and Ukraine. Details are contained in the relevant Commonwealth of Australia Gazettes.

Some examples where Australia has assisted in Humanitarian and disaster relief operations include Papua New Guinea and West Irian drought relief, the Indian Ocean and Japan Tsunami disasters, British Columbia wildfires, Pakistan floods, Christchurch earthquakes, Nepal earthquakes, MH17 air disaster in Ukraine, and Pacific cyclone disasters.

Awards: Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal (HOSM). *

* The Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal honours members of recognised Australian groups for emergency humanitarian service overseas in hazardous circumstances. The Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal is administered by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

  Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal  
Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal