March Out of 36 Platoon, Kapooka - 14 Dec 2007

On Friday, 36 Platoon, D Company of the 1st Recruit Training Battalion, marched out after completing their Basic Training. 36 Platoon has been "adopted" by the APPVA, and is known as the "Peacekeeper Platoon". With this title comes the responsibility of Platoon members learning about Peacekeeping and Peacemaking under the tutelage of the platoon instructors and the APPVA.

The APPVA was represented at the March Out by Matt Burke, OAM (President Vic branch), Brian Woodward (Vice President Vic branch), and Dave Buckland (Vic Branch). The APPVA members were very well received by 36 Platoon.

Prior to the March Out parade, Matt Burke presented Recruit Egevni Orlov, with the APPVA 'Most Improved Soldier' award. In addition, Matt Burke presented the Commander of 36 Platoon, Lieutenant Darren Mackenzie with the APPVA banner which will be mounted in the platoon lines.

Recruit Egevni Orlov, being presented with the APPVA "Most Improved Soldier" award.

Commander of 36 Platoon, Lt Darren Mackenzie being presented with the APPVA banner.


36 Platoon gathered in the lines before their march out parade.

During the parade, the platoon was awarded the Challenge Trophy. This trophy is awarded to the best platoon within the Company.

36 Platoon on parade.


36 Platoon receiving the Challenge Trophy.

Brian Woodward, Matt Burke, WO2 Mick Fuerste, and Dave Buckland, after the parade.