ACT Branch Established - 14 Sep 2007

Announcement by

Paul Copeland

National President, APPVA

The APPVA has established a new Branch in the ACT. The Committee is our first all female Veteran committee comprising of the following:

Lyndall Moore (UNAMIR II - Rwanda) APPVA ACT Branch President,

Cleon Walters (RASIGS 20 years in the Regular Army) APPVA ACT Branch Secretary, and

Annie Noack (UNTAC FCU - Cambodia) APPVA ACT Branch Treasurer.

I was present at the meeting and I am elated that another APPVA Branch has been established in an area that needs to support Younger Veterans on a wide range of issues and support.

The meeting was held at the Canberra Services Club in Manuka, ACT, where it is intended that this will be the home of the APPVA ACT Branch alongside many other ACT ESOs. The meeting also coincided with the 60th Anniversary of Australian Peacekeeping Operations, of which Australia was the first country in the world to deploy 4 military peacekeepers (a Brigadier, RAN Commander, RAAF Squadron Leader and an Army Major), in the field during the United Nations Commission in Indonesia on 14th September 1947.

I would like to thank Vince Pannell and Graham Hayes for their efforts in ensuring that an APPVA Branch is established in the ACT.

Lyndall Moore
0427 045 528