New Veterans Should Not Boycott ANZAC Day
- Saturday 4th March 2006

New veterans should not boycott ANZAC Day in any form, says the National President of the Australian Peacekeeper and Peacemaker Veterans Association (APPVA), Paul Copeland.

Mr Copeland was responding to public calls from a group of veterans to either boycott ANZAC Day marches or wear an orange arm band during the marches.

"It is inappropriate to politicise ANZAC Day," Mr Copeland said.

"This is a day of commemoration for those who served Australia and paid the ultimate sacrifice. Any protest or boycott is manipulation of ANZAC Day into a political statement - which the APPVA doesn't approve."

Mr Copeland said the APPVA understands the protest action is based around a group of new veterans who have submitted claims to the Department of Veterans' Affairs and feel let down by the system.

"The APPVA is the premier organisation for progressing issues relating to new veterans of the post Vietnam era, including police officers who have served overseas and female veterans," he said.

"We would like any veteran who has submitted claims to DVA and feels the process is wrong to contact the APPVA for information."

"As an organisation supporting current and ex-service personnel, the APPVA would prefer to assist in this regard, rather than seeing action taken on ANZAC Day which will detract from the real meaning of this important day recognising those who have fallen in all wars, conflicts, peacekeeping, humanitarian and through training in the ADF."

LEST WE FORGET the meaning of ANZAC Day.

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Paul Copeland

National President