New Access Card for Veteran's - Tuesday 14 November 2006

My Gold Card

Gold card holders will be able to get a new gold access card. The holders of a Repatriation Health Card - For All Conditions (Gold card) will be the only Australians given a choice of a gold-coloured access card, in recognition of the respect Australia has for its veterans and war widow/ers. The new gold access card will replace your current gold card.

The new card and my entitlements

The new card is simply a way of combining all the cards you currently use to access veterans' services, and other Australian Government health and social services. The introduction of the card will have no impact on any pension, health service, compensation, income support or other service or payment from the Department of Veterans' Affairs or other agencies.

War widow/ers and the new card Everyone who has a Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) issued card will need to get an access card, including war widow/ers. However once you have an access card, there will be no need to get separate cards from Medicare or Centrelink as any additional entitlement will simply be added to your new card.

I only get services from the Department of Veterans' Affairs, do I still have to get a new card?
Everyone who has a DVA-issued card will need to get an access card. Acknowledging Total and Permanent Incapacity (TPI)

The Australian Government is committed to ensuring that those who currently have increased recognition in the community, such as TPI veterans, will continue to receive this acknowledgement.

Allowing people to act on your behalf you will be able to authorise dependants, carers and other people such as family members or pension advocates to act on your behalf.

In order for somebody to act on your behalf you must be listed on that person's card. This will enable them to act on your behalf, for example when picking up medications.Discounts and concessions

The Australian Government is working on ways to make sure everyone who currently receives concessions or discounted services due to their DVA-issued card, will be able to continue receiving those discounts and concessions.

Emergency information on your new card

It is currently planned that emergency contact information and other basic health information such as allergies can, at the card holder's request, be stored on the card's chip to be accessed by emergency personnel if required.

Paul Copeland
National President, APPVA
Mobile: 0403 831 179