APPVA North Queensland Meeting - Wednesday 16 August 2006

A meeting will be held at the Townsville RSL at 1900hrs on the 16th of Aug for North QLD members of the APPVA – if you would spare the time to attend it would be appreciated.

I know that a lot of people from Lavarack and Garbutt are away but if you spread the word and encourage people to turn up we can start looking at forming a non political/non violent committee.

This is my main objective plus, there are quite a few important things that need to be passed in relation to MCRS and getting recognition for any injuries that people have sustained either here in Australia or whilst overseas.

I am in the process of setting up a small desk in the Townsville RSL - still early days so if you wish to contact me please try my email or you can contact me on my mobile 0408 062 316.

I have a quantity of Peacekeeper car stickers for sale at $5.00 each.

Looking forward to seeing your smiling faces.

Lofty Evans