Commencement of new Training Tasks in Iraq
- Wednesday 31 May 2006

The Minister for Defence is pleased to announce two new tasks for the Australian Defence Force who are currently deployed in Iraq. For the past twelve months personnel from the Al Muthanna Task Group have mentored and trained soldiers from the 2nd Brigade of the Iraqi Army's 10th Division.

The ADF has met its training commitments for this task and the Government has reassessed its continued contribution to training the Iraqi Army. As part of our ongoing commitment to the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Iraq, the Government has agreed that, from early June, a team of about 30 personnel will mentor and assist Iraqi Army instructors at the Basic Training Centre (BTC) at Tallil near An Nasiriyah in Dhi Qar Province.

They will replace British instructors who currently provide this support. The BTC provides basic recruit training, as well as specialist and advanced training to Iraqi Army soldiers, Non Commissioned Officers and Officers.

There will also be a small ADF contingent based at the Counter Insurgency (COIN) Academy at Taji, near Baghdad. The COIN academy is being developed as a training 'centre for excellence' in Iraq. Both Coalition and Iraqi personnel will be trained there in the tactics, techniques and procedures to defeat the insurgency which is affecting the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Iraq.

These training activities provide a significant contribution to the stability and rehabilitation of Iraq by producing a more capable and professional Iraqi Army. It demonstrates Australia's commitment to supporting the Government and people of Iraq.

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