Friday, 21 Aug 2009

Hello all Members,

I have been advised today by the Secretary DVA, Ian Campbell, that the APPVA has been successful in the following Ministerial Appointments:

1. The Operational Working Party (OWP). The OWP is to meet periodically and provide technical and user advice and feedback in relation to the procedures of the Military Compensation & Rehabilitation Act 2004 (MRCA); Safety, Compensation & Rehabilitation Act 1988 (SRCA); Military Compensation Scheme 1994 (MCS/MCRS); and the Veteran Entitlement Act 1986 (VEA). This forum has not been active for at least 5 years, and this is a welcome move to re-initiate ESO consultation with the Department on a range of Legislative issues and Departmental Procedures toward the listed Compensation and Entitlement Acts.

The APPVA Representative on the OWP is Cambodia veteran and 21-year Army veteran (WO1) Mick Quinn, National Entitlements Officer, and President APPVA Victorian Branch.

2. The Mental Health Forum (MHF). The MHF has been active since 2003 as the Veteran Mental Health and Wellbeing Forum. This Forum wound-up in March 2009. The previous representatives on this forum was the National President, Paul Copeland and more recently, Rheana Nation. This forum will look into the progress of various Mental Health strategies and programs that have been initiated by the Department over the past 2 years. Operation Life, At Ease, Mixing Alcohol, Stepping Out Program and other Mental Health and Wellbeing programs will be looked into by the MHF. This provides the APPVA and ESO a Consultative approach toward the Mental Health of current and ex-serving ADF members and veterans. Of note will also be the application of these courses by the APPVA toward Police Peacekeeping Veterans on these programs.

The APPVA Representative on the MHF is Rwanda Veteran, Recruit Instructor and 14 year Army veteran (WO2) Rheana Nation, APPVA Victoria Branch Member.

3. The Emerging issues with current and ex-serving ADF members is a hybrid from the National Younger Veteran Consultative Forum (NYVCF). Previous representatives on this forum have been the National President, Paul Copeland; Immediate Past National Vice President Gordon Traill; and from the last 2 years, Michael Quinn. This Forum will monitor the ongoing matters of concern and issues raised from the transitional, current and ex-serving ADF member perspective. This includes monitoring of treatment within the ADF and outside of the ADF of Medically Discharging members, Transitional Management matters, Seamless transitions from the ADF to DVA and other matters that arise that are of importance.

The APPVA Representative for the Emerging issues with current and ex-serving ADF members is Multinational Force & Observers (MFO) Sinai veteran and Army veteran of 14 years (SGT) Allan Thomas, JP, President, APPVA NSW Branch.

On behalf of the National Committee of Management and the APPVA Membership, I congratulate these three members on their new appointments and have complete confidence with their experiences and backgrounds to ensure that our constituents are appropriately represented on these forums.

These people should be approached by members or constituents if they have any issues that require representation and resolution at the National Forum level.

Yours Sincerely Paul

"Looking After Our Own"

Paul Copeland, OAM, JP,
National President,
Australian Peacekeeper & Peacemaker Veterans' Association,
P.O. Box 552,

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