DVA Health Card Crises for Younger Veterans
- Tuesday 20 May 2003

The DVA White/Gold Card crisis needs to be fixed. A Younger Veteran yesterday in Melbourne (19 May 2003), had his Gold Card reluctantly accepted, however the veteran was advised by the Doctor that he could not afford to treat the veteran, due to the Federal Government's payment system for doctors subsidies toward treating DVA veterans, and further consultations under the Gold Card will be rejected, in which the veteran will need to pay full fee, or part thereof, if the veteran decides to contribute to Private Health Insurance. The Somalia veteran, who is Totally & Permanently Incapacitated (TPI), due to his service in Somalia in 1994, has been seeing this particular doctor for 5 years, since his Medical Discharge from the Army. Clearly, the position of veterans would appear to be now coming to a confrontation with Medical practitioners, as their DVA Health cards appear to be increasingly rejected.

It is the expectation and view by our veterans to be adequately treated for their Service related conditions, in particular when one is in the possession of a DVA Gold Card that is supposed to cover "ALL CONDITIONS", without out-of-pocket expense. It was a promise made by the Australian Government since the 1920's and consecutively up until now, particularly when the PM, (and previous PMs) have stated prior to many deployments of our troops, particularly in the past 15 years, that "We will look after you.... and you (the veterans) are owed an indebted gratitude from a grateful nation."

We would appreciate a guarantee by the Federal Government, that our veterans will be medically looked after by the country that they unselfishly served in time of war, peacekeeping and defence of Australia, at great sacrifice to themselves and their families. This includes covering all medical expenses from their service related conditions, and providing coverage for ALL CONDITIONS under the DVA Gold Card.

CONTACT: National President Paul Copeland Mobile: 0419 355 226