A Memorial for Australian Peacekeepers
- Tuesday 2 September 2003

Labor has called for consideration of a permanent memorial to honour Australians who have taken part in peacekeeping operations around the world.

Peacekeepers are the new generation of Australian heroes and we mustn't wait twenty or thirty years to recognise their sacrifices.

Australians have been taking part in UN-sponsored peacekeeping operations for more than half a century, and are currently participating in nine, including East Timor.

We should all recognise the importance of their missions, the dangers they face, and the often harrowing nature of their tasks.

Over the decades eight Australian servicemen and one servicewoman have died on peacekeeping missions.

It is now time to consider the merits of creating a permanent commemoration of Australian peacekeepers on Anzac Parade in Canberra.

Anzac Parade is sacred ground to Australians, and a memorial would be a significant statement by the nation.

We should seek the views of Australians, including members of the RSL and individual veterans, about the suitability of such a memorial.

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