Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Released on behalf of RSL Victoria

A separate account called the “RSL Victorian Bushfire Relief Fund” has been established. This will provide a flexible source of funds that all Sub-Branches will be able to apply to (through Jeff Jackson) for assistance to members of the “RSL Family” affected by the fires.

This fund will provide relief to Service Members/Veterans and their dependants, other categories of RSL Members affected and RSL Employees.

As stated yesterday, Welfare Patriotic Funds at Sub-Branch level remain appropriate as another source of relief to distressed Veterans and dependants, but Sub-Branches are encouraged to also use the Bushfire Relief Fund. Sub-Branches may wish to make donations to this specific Fund; it will not have DGR status and is not subject to the provisions of the Veterans Act in relation to Patriotic Welfare Funds. Donations to the Fund cannot therefore come from existing Patriotic Funds.

All Sub-Branches are part of our collective effort to identify individuals who need our help. Obviously some Sub-Branches are more directly affected by the fires, but State Branch regards all Sub-Branches as being able to direct applications for assistance to ANZAC House. We know many Sub-Branches are currently checking on the welfare of all their members and staff where appropriate. Applications for assistance will be streamlined and handled very expeditiously, with payment intended to be by EFT or personal cheque for auditing purposes.

Whenever possible applications received by Jeff Jackson, Manager Veterans Welfare and Entitlement Support, by post, personal visit, email or fax will be turned around on the day of receipt. His contact details are:

Telephone: 9655 5531

Fax: 9655 5500


Grants will be made up to $1500 for personal|family necessities, so long as Sub-Branches provide the basic information set out below and have established the bona fides of the applicant.

Some additional information is requested for Grants up to $5000 to assist large families or meet particular needs that have to be considered on a case by case basis.

Replacement of items such as cars, caravans, large electrical/household appliances etc. would not be normally considered appropriate; these should be covered by personal insurance.

Applications should contain:

- Name
- Category Service Member/Veteran, Affiliate or Social
- Member, RSL Employee
- Nature of loss/need
- Amount Requested
* Additional detail to be provided to justify additional grant of up to $5000.

Jeff Jackson,
Manager Veterans Welfare & Entitlement Support,
Returned & Services League of Australia (Victorian Branch) Inc.
ANZAC House,
4 Collins Street,
VIC, 3000

Tel: (03) 9655-5531 Fax: (03) 9655-5500