Sunday, 15 February 2009

The APPVA Victorian Branch is coordinating contact with APPVA members and Young Veterans who have been affected by the Victorian Bushfire disaster, “BLACK SATURDAY” - 7 Feb 09.

All enquiries should be directed to the Secretary of the Branch. If you have any further information or concerns, please do not hesitate in contacting the APPVA Victorian Branch and they will do their best to assist where they can.

Victorian Branch Contact Details can be found at:

Missing is: Greg SALES (Ex-126 Sig Sqn). Reported by Chips Raftery APPVA Member and also ex- 126.

Nothing heard: Marcus Hauber (Kashmir vet and APPVA member), Mirboo

Nothing heard: Noel Petersen (East Timor Vet) and wife Kellie of Darrweit Guim.

Current limited information also that a Reservist CPL Roz Clayton from 108 Sig Sqn perished. House is lost.

Darrin Gibson (Cambodia, Bougainville, Solomon Islands, Iraq vet) of Kinglake is being looked after by the RSM Defence Force School of Signals (Michelle Griffith on 03-9450 7505), with VVCS support. House is lost. For more information contact Mick Quinn (Vic Branch) on 0417 413 422 or email:

Chips Raftery (Somalia vet APPVA Member) and family are safe and well in Strathewan. Some damage to property.

Mark Mann (Cambodia and East Timor vet APPVA member and also ex-126) is safe and well. Some damage to property.

Stu Monteath (Cambodia vet and APPVA member), Marysville, reported to be safe and well by Dave Menz.

Phil (West Sahara vet and APPVA Member) and Kristen Nelson, Wallan have been contacted and are fine.

Kevin Ryan (APPVA member and Namibia vet) and his family of Yarra Glen have been contacted and are fine and no fire damage as of today.