Saturday, 10 January 2008

Released on behalf of Mr Paul Copeland

Dear Mr. Copeland,

As a veteran of the UNIFIL activities you are certainly familiar with the so called "puzzle ring". This kind of ring became a symbolic tradition showing that the wearer of such ring served as a soldier in Southern Lebanon. We are supplying such rings both in silver and in gold to those who want to keep that tradition for themselves, their family members and friends. As the head of your organisation, I ask you kindly, to inform your members about this opportunity to purchase this kind of ring in good quality and competitive price. The rings can be ordered in different sizes to fit everybody`s finger (changing size after delivery is rather complicated and expensive). We supply mainly 4 and 6 rings models, and our minimum order per model, in silver 925, is 150 rings (in sizes given in advance). Based on today`s silver price (circa $9.- per ounce) the price will be $2.70 per gr, or about $15.- for a 4 pieces puzzle ring and $19.- for a 6 pieces ring. If there would be demand for gold rings, I will provide a separate price offer. Samples in silver can be supplied. Please advise if this can be of interest for your veteran organisation,

with best regards

Gabriel Goldwein

To register your interest please email: