Sunday, 23 November 2008

To whom it may concern,

My name is Nikki Reggett and I am the child of a Peacemaker and my father has PTSD. As a child I was confused and did not understand it. Talking with friends was impossible because no one can understand living with it, without having lived with it, especially other kids. I have started up a children of Veterans with PTSD support group for children from 10 years - 20 years who have a parent with PTSD due to defence service. The aim is to help and support each other through the rollercoaster ride of PTSD. WE are also there for kids that have their parent away on deployment and just want another kid to talk to.

I am 17 years old and almost finished yr12. I have also started a psychology degree at USQ Springfield (headstart programme). I am a swimming teacher at The Swim factory in Ipswich and hold a blue card.

As part of this group, children can come along to meetings (currently in Ipswich but the plan is to have them in other locations) where contacts and friends would be able to be made, there will be people to talk to and for support, and we organise activities for bonding as a group. We are hoping to get some sponsorship from DVA and other organisations to fund these activities.

We are working on a website at the moment (any help in this area would be very much appreciated) and eventually will be able to run a forum on line. We will have information that is written so that WE can understand it. This will be restricted to members only and will be a safe site for us.

If you are interested, know someone who is interested, or have a child who would benefit from this, please contact me on:


Home Phone: 07 32940700

Mobile: 0433 584 616