Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Released on behalf of the RSL Australia

In 1995, the Australian Defence Force Contingent Rwanda was awarded the ANZAC Peace Prize by RSL Australia for the provision of outstanding service in conjunction with the UN relief mission to Rwanda.

Today, the RSL is actively seeking all veterans of the Australian Contingent Rwanda so as to award Individual certificates of Recognition for the ANZAC Peace Prize awarded in 1995.

To achieve this, the RSL requests veterans of the Australian Contingent Rwanda who have not yet received their certificate, or if appropriate their next of kin, contact the RSL (details below) to provide a forwarding address for the ANZAC Peace Prize Certificate.

RSL Contact Details:


Telephone: 0423 439 811

Postal Address:

Ray Townsend OAM
Qld State Branch RSL Vice President
PO Box 629
Spring Hill
Qld 4004

For more information on the ANZAC Peace Prize click on:
then click on >Awards > ANZAC Awards