Thursday, 23 October 2008

Released on behalf of the Department of Veterans' Affairs

The Vietnam Veterans’ Family Study (VVFS) is now recruiting participants. The study will provide a better understanding of the impact of war service on the health and wellbeing of veterans’ families. What is learnt from the study will benefit future generations of service families and provide our Government with the opportunity to build on programs currently offered to veterans and their families.

There are two main study groups:

- Randomly selected Vietnam veterans and their families – including their partners, ex-partners, children, step children, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews

- Randomly selected Vietnam-era army personnel who didn’t serve in Vietnam, and their families, including their partners, ex-partners, children and step-children.

These two groups provide a comparison based on randomly selected families where the main difference is a parents military service in Vietnam.

Around 20,000 registration kits have been mailed to the two main study groups. Each registration kit includes additional registration forms for veterans to pass on to their family members.

Participation of families is critical to the Family Study. If you served during the Vietnam war era you can help. If you know someone who served during the Vietnam war, whether they went or not, talk to them, see if they’ve been invited and get them involved.

‘Healthy’ veterans and their families are important – others can learn from your experience. The study will examine why some families may have suffered no ill-effects and identify the characteristics which help build resilience in families.

Two independent groups will support the study – a consultative forum representing all target groups being studied and a scientific advisory committee.

There are a lot of myths flying around about the Family Study. Read the Myth busters on the website to find out the real story.

More information on the Vietnam Veterans’ Family Study is available at

If you have any queries, please call the DVA Health Study hotline on 1800 502 302 (Free call) or e-mail DVA Health Study.

Please consider participating, whether you have been previously contacted or not. The more people who join in then the more accurate the results, meaning greater support for current and future veterans’ families.