19 August 2008

The Australian Peacekeeper Memorial Project (APMP) held a fundraising activity on Sunday 17th August at the MCG. APMP Vice Chairman Matt Burke OAM, led from the front in organising the fundraising activity with the AFL's, Richmond Football Club. Matt has been a volunteer with Richmond for the past fourteen years.

The "Peacekeeper Bear" was launched on the AFL's Footy Show last Thursday night. "Peacekeeper Bear" was available to fans during matchday and is available on line at for $65.95. To help raise funds needed to construct the Peacekeeping Memorial, part of the proceeds of each sale is being donated by "Bears Over There" to the APMP.

The Richmond Football Club's President lunch hosted General Peter John Cosgrove, AC, MC and APMP Chairman Maj General Tim Ford AO.

A total of $9450.95 was raised on the day by tin rattlers and donations from the sale of "Peacekeeper Bear". It is encouraged that all ex and serving members of the ADF and Police to become members of APMP.

The Memorial seeks to show that Australia's contribution to peacekeeping/peacemaking exemplifies Australian openness, fairness, egalitarianism, mateship, initiative, and respect for diversity and social justice for all people. It will also reflect awareness of the support and sacrifices given by the families of peacekeepers/peacemakers.

The Memorial will be a focal point on ANZAC Avenue Canberra, for national parades and remembrance ceremonies in recognition of Australian peacekeeping/peacemaking on appropriate occasions such as ANZAC day (25th April), UN International Day of Peacekeepers (29th May), Australian Peacekeeper's and Peacemaker's Day (14th September), and United Nations Day (24th October).

The Australian Peacekeeping Memorial will be a living memorial in that it will identify past and future peacekeeping/peacemaking operations and ongoing national and individual commitment and sacrifice.