17 Mar 2008

Alan Griffin, Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, today released the report Options for the future of Veterans’ home care. The independent review revealed that the Veterans’ Home Care (VHC) program was well targeted and well received by clients with 87% of clients satisfied with the program’s services.

Nine options were presented by the report. The Minister announced that he would examine those options that were committed to the maintenance and expansion of the program and benefited the veteran community. He rejected the option that suggested the program be scrapped.

“There is no doubt that this program not only deserves to continue but needs to be developed into a more comprehensive model for service provision to our clients,” he said.

“Veterans’ Home Care currently enhances veteran independence and health by helping them to stay in their own homes for longer. However the review also highlighted opportunities to expand and improve the program to cater for future needs.”

“As our veterans and war widows and widowers grow older their needs change. I am considering improvements to ensure Home Care is more responsive and ready to provide assistance when our veterans need it,” he said.

Mr Griffin said the VHC review involved extensive consultation with veterans, VHC assessment agencies, VHC service providers and others with a vested interest in the program.

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