19 Mar 2008

A fairer indexation system and a range of additional payments will deliver up to $1045 more per year for Department of Veterans’ Affairs war widows, widowers and disability pensioners, the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Alan Griffin, said today.

“These payments and new indexation methods maintain and improve the value of veterans’ and war widows’ pensions and protect them from future erosion,” he said.

“Only in its last days did the previous Government act. They failed to recognise the erosion of veterans’ pensions until they were forced to do so.

“The Rudd Government is committed to providing increased and fairer financial support for members of the veteran community,” Mr Griffin said.

Effective tomorrow, general rate disability pensions will, for the first time, be indexed with reference to both the Consumer Price Index and Male Total Average Weekly Earnings.

Alongside the improved indexation calculations, the base rate of all pensions at the General Rate will increase by five per cent. For example, 100 per cent General Rate recipients will receive an extra $22 a fortnight.

Extreme disability adjustment pensioners will receive an extra $15 to their base rate on top of the indexation increase, resulting in an additional $40.20 per fortnight.

The war widow’s pension will increase by $19.70 to $582.40 a fortnight, the single service pension by $9.10 to $546.80 a fortnight and the married couples rate by $7.70 to $456.80 per person per fortnight.

Wholly dependent partners’ death benefit and Special Rate Disability Pension under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 have also increased in line with the latest increases under the Veterans Entitlements Act.

The new pension rates are effective from tomorrow, 20 March, and will be first paid on 27 March 2008.

These increases are in addition to the increased utilities and telephone allowances paid to eligible veterans and war widows.

New DVA pension rates fortnightly payments

Service pension
Old rate
New Rate
Single person
Couples (each)
War widow’s pension
Income support supplement
Disability pensions
100 per cent
10 per cent
MRCA pensions
Wholly dependent partners death benefit (weekly)
Special Rate Disability Pension (weekly)

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