1 - 3 Feb 2008

During the first weekend of February, the APPVA held its Annual General Meeting and Conference at RAAF Base Richmond.

Day one (Friday) saw the arrival of the National Executive, Committee and representatives from most of the Branches. Many new faces were seen including the new Police Liaison Officer, Dale Scott; the President of the new ACT Branch, Lyndall Moore; The newly elected President and Secretary for the Sth Qld Branch, Andrew and Donna Reggett and, the National Younger Veteran's Program Administrator, Mandy Wright. In addition, the nominee for the vacant position of National Secretary, Wayne McInnes was floating around meeting and greeting.

Day two (Saturday) consisted of the Conference which, was opened by the Minister for Veteran's Affairs, Mr Allan Griffin, MP. Also in attendance was an Opposition Spokesperson for Veteran's Affairs; a representative for the Chief of the Defence Force; Mark Brinskin, AM of the AVM; The Repatriation Commissioner, Mr Bill Rolfe, AO, and Mr Ron Coxon, OAM representing the VVAA.

In the pre-lunch session both the Government and the Opposition announced their policies and intentions for Younger Veteran's during this current term of office. Numerous questions were fielded by the Government and Opposition to clarify various policy positions. This was a very constructive and informative session for all involved.

Following this, the ADF discussed new measures to be implemented for the retention, rehabilitation and if necessary, discharge of ADF members. This again caused great discussion and food for thought.

Finally before breaking for lunch, the VVAA and APPVA signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the two organisations. The MOU states (sic);

"This Council acknowledges and applauds the significant achievements of the APPVA and reaffirms the determination of the VVAA to continue to support APPVA independent existence and to work Co operatively with the APPVA for the betterment of all Veterans."

Click here to view the Memorandum of Understanding

MOU image
Ron Coxon and Paul Copeland after signing the MOU

The after lunch session of the conference was focused upon membership and marketing strategies to improve the awareness of the services that the APPVA provides to its constituents. Many great ideas were developed during this think tank and will be implemented in the coming months and years.

On day three (Sunday), the AGM was held. Before this could proceed, the positions of National President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer were declared vacant and a ballot was held. The results of the ballot resulted in the following persons being elected or re-elected for the next 2 years;

    1. National President - Paul Copeland,

    2. National Vice President - Gordon Traill,

    3. National Secretary - Wayne McInnes, and

    4. National Treasurer - Jacqueline Henry.

Following the election, the AGM proceeded and concluded at 1300 hrs after which, everyone returned home.

It was a long and busy weekend but, extremely productive with many positive outcomes.

The National Executive wish to thank the Commander of RAAF Richmond for allowing the use of the Sergeant's Mess and facilities for the weekend. A special thanks goes to Pete Matthey, President of the NSW Branch who coordinated everything to make the AGM and Conference a great success and very enjoyable.